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Strategy development for your lightbulb moment

Many people have great product ideas but only a few of us take it any further. You may not have the time, the upfront costs might be a barrier or you might not know the correct steps to take. We can help you draw up a strategy plan to turn your ideas into a real product. Oxford Product Design offers a full project management service, so you can be involved as much or as little as you like. We can make you aware of sources of investment and funding, then help you with applications.

A Crucial Insight

We’ll ask you questions to understand exactly what you’re hoping to achieve, then advise onto best course of action. We can undertake market research, so you have a better awareness of your target customers’ need. We’ll challenge all your pre-conceptions to develop the very best approach for your idea.

Critical thinking

Your initial blue sky ‘brain storming’ session with our industrial designers will build lots of product ideas around your concept. We’ll then refine the most suitable way of moving the project forward and developing your product. We’ll lay out a project plan from the start, so you know what to expect. From initial concept development, we can project manage the entire design process so that you meet all your goals on time and on budget.

Investment funding

The strategy we develop can be used to help you get the funding or investment you need to take your ideas to market. We can present you with a fully costed development plan and timeline.
Concept sketches and visualisations of potential finished product designs can form part of your pitch to potential investors.

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