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PrototypingPrototyping and 3D Printing

3D Printing and Prototyping Technologies

Oxford Product Design have in-house prototyping capabilities under the brand of Oxford Rapid Prototyping. We have a Stratasys Objet500 Connex3 3D Printer which is capable of combining vivid colour and multiple materials. This allows us to simulate the precise look, function and feel of finished products.

With more than 450 possible colours, we can digitally blend rubbers, clears and engineering resins, so create extremely high resolution parts with almost any mechanical and visual property required. Materials’ properties range from rubber to rigid, transparent to opaque, and neutral to vibrant. Mechanical, optical or thermal properties can be varied within a single print job, so we can 3D print non-slip grips, transparent windows, flexible hinges or heat-resistant surfaces. Read more about our 3D printing capabilities at the Oxford Rapid Prototyping website.

We also have a range of prototyping partners offering CNC and other prototyping capabilities.

Communicate your Design

Prototypes can help you communicate your design ideas to a wider audience including colleagues, investors and stakeholders. Photorealistic Visualisations use a wide range of variables to help you experience your design in a 2D still or animated environment before committing to a physical prototype.

Support at all Stages of the Design Process

We can produce prototypes to support you through all stages of the design process:

  • Visual Prototypes convey the overall size and shape of the product so that you can understand the design ergonomics
  • Proof of Concept Prototypes demonstrate the main functionality of your product, allowing you to prove that your design works as intended before advancing to the next stage of development
  • Presentation Prototypes demonstrate the functionality of your product with it’s intended appearance. Producing prototypes of your product can help you decide on final finishes, colours and textures.
  • Pre-Production Prototypes fully consider the implications of mass manufacturing methods and production

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