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Seamless Guidance through Product Project Management

Product development is a multi-layered and often complex challenge. The success of a project depends on strong project management, which enables co-operation and collaboration. Oxford Product Design can provide project management support through all stages of the product design cycle. We manage the project from your initial enquiry to handing off manufacture-ready data about your final product to a manufacturing partner. Before we begin any project, we will map out the project’s key features, structure, criteria for success, and major deliverables. We offer a complete design and project management service, tailor-made for you, including in-house prototyping and engineering support.

Getting your Product to Market Quickly

We know the importance that speed plays in getting your product to market. Our project managers are experts in all aspects of scheduling and management, so they’ll help you meet crucial deadlines. They are experienced in coordinating our multi-disciplinary team, so they produce well integrated products which meet all your design requirements. We will guide you through the all steps which are applicable and necessary for large, complex industrial design projects. Following the best workflows will make sure you reach your goals. Our designers will deliver your product on time and on budget because of careful project planning and progress control.

Industry Standard Tools

Whatever the scale and complexity of your project, we will use the proper project management software will help your product launch be successful. Using recognised tools, we’ll create adjustable schedules for you. We offer project and productivity tracking to optimise efficiency. We are responsive to your decisions about the design, so you are always in control. You’ll always know exactly where you are in the product development lifecycle so you can plan your market strategy accordingly.

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