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Photorealistic VisualisationPhotorealistic visualisation

Photorealistic Visualisation in Early Stages of Design Cycle

A photorealistic visualisation can communicate your product concepts to investors, staff, and potential customers. Striking 3D illustrations help stakeholders understand your design proposals, because photorealistic rendered images bring your project to life in a 2D still or animated environment. This is an extremely cost effective method of communicating your design. Our computer generated renderings make your designs look as real as possible before manufacture. This gives you valuable feedback in the early stages of product development, because you can experience your design before committing to the cost of a physical prototype.

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Using Visualisations to make Design Choices

We can produce realistic 3D renderings, so you can experience a wide variety of shades, tones and textures. This can help you choose the colours, materials and finishes of your product, as well as help with decisions about branding and packaging.

Using Visualisations in Sales and Marketing

We merge the aesthetics and our technical knowledge, and so create believable 3D visualisations. Our visualisations are used for brochure design, product marketing, and even crowd-funding. A photorealistic visualisation or animation of your product is an eye-catching piece on your website or any print media, so can raise your sales conversion rates.

Powerful Hardware and Software

We offer visualisation services including 3D rendering and 3D animations. Oxford Product Design use the latest hardware and software to make sure you get the finest visualisations. We use a range of packages, including Keyshot and Photoshop, which help demonstrate your vision in the most detailed and clear way.

Prototyping Services

As well as 2D visualisation, we also offer in-house 3D Printing prototyping services. We have a high precision Objet500 Connex3 3D Printer. This machine prints over 450 colour combinations and allows us to digitally blend rubbers, clears and engineering resins. This creates extremely high resolution parts with almost any mechanical and visual property required.

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