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Industrial DesignIndustrial Design

Beautiful, Creative and Realistic Designs

It’s easy to make products look stylish, but the challenge of industrial design is to create stylish products that work well.

Industrial design combines business and engineering with art. Our industrial designers develop products that are beautiful, highly reliable, and easy to manufacture but still cost effective. We blend creativity with new technologies to create innovative but realistic designs. Our design team keep up-to-date with the latest developments in technology, materials and processes, so we always push at the edges of what is possible. We research the latest technologies, so your product has that competitive edge.

Understanding Our Customers

Understanding your requirements up front means we can get your product to market quicker. Analysing your target customer and the use cases of your product is crucial to your product’s success. Our industrial designers imagine how your customers might use your product, then test a wide variety of different designs to see how each one looks and works. Optimising function, value and appearance, we’ll always put the end user at the heart of the design. We constantly challenge pre-conceptions, so our early design concepts are often a close fit to the finished product. We employ a ‘right first time’ industrial design approach for a quicker time to market.

Wide Ranging Experience

Our Industrial Designers work across a wide range of industries, including

Our industrial designers work with the mechanical engineering team from the start, so you get realistic design concepts that will work. We produce exciting, detailed and original sketch work and visualisations, so you can easily convey your ideas to a wider audience.

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