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At Oxford Product Design, we have many years of experience in designing toys and other products for babies and children.

Child Focused

Spark your child’s imagination with innovative products and environments designed specifically for children. We use anthropometry to take into account children’s body dimensions and physical capabilites. Small children need larger and chunkier controls, buttons and handles than dexterous teenagers.

Character Sympathetic

We work within your branding to create products which appeal to your target audience, complement your brand image and keep right up-to-date with the latest fashions and innovations.

Safety Conscious

Safety and quality requirements for consumer products are even more important when developing products for children. We can help you navigate the regulations, based on in-depth research. We design creative products to help children and toddlers learn and develop safely.

High Volume Manufacture

Fast-to-market products help you to keep up with the latest trends. We can take your concepts for toys, games, and giftware all the way to mass market toy manufacture, including market research, concept development, prototypes and engineering. At Oxford Product Design, we can start with a blank slate and employ a fully iterative design process, or make subtle changes to existing CAD to create the next generation product.

Technology Integrated into Toys

We are experts in toy design and the creation of new play experiences integrating the latest technologies. Extensive mechanical knowledge of how toys work, combined with our fresh thinking approach, allows us to generate future innovations. Our electronics engineers can integrate the latest lighting, sensors and connectivity into your toy.

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