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With years of telecoms experience within our team, we can help you gain a distinct advantage in the market. We have demonstrated our ability to design telecommunications and data communications equipment through multiple successful product launches. Our electronics engineers can support and enhance your telecommunication systems, drawing on years of experience with industry leaders.

Gain a Telecoms Technology Advantage

Combining cosmetic and durability requirements, we can offer innovative products to your customers. Working to extremely tight space constraints underpins telecoms design. With the increasing prevalence of the worldwide Internet of Things ecosystem, miniaturisation is becoming more important than ever. We can design space efficient, robust and durable telecoms equipment.

Shorten Time-to-market

We’ve worked on numerous projects in this demanding, highly time-sensitive market, so we understand the short product life cycle. By evaluating and developing the methods and tools required to assemble products components, we develop the specifications of the components for rapid implementation. We combine functionality with exact desired product appearance. We understand the detailed design approach required and are skilled at delivering a product designed with your specific needs in mind.

Integrated Design Cycle

We can help you with all aspects of telecoms product design from concept to cost-effective manufacture. This includes innovation research, prototyping, concept design, detail design, and design for manufacture (DFM). We can modify existing products using color, materials and finishes (CMF), graphics, new features, new components, or we can even develop entirely new portfolios of products. From our first contact, we will ensure we fully understand your business needs. We understand how technology can be used to drive bottom line growth, provide real, lasting benefits. We are passionate about ensuring you are receiving the best possible products and services for your specification.

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