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The space industry requires extremely efficient, minimal and economical design, but has some the unique constraints.

Early stage concepts

Oxford Product Design can work with you on high-concept sketches, so help you visualise information. We can apply our design skills and analytical thinking to these unique problems, so set the foundations and specifications for your project.


We can realize your concepts by building full-scale prototypes, which are always precise, clean and well-constructed. Our diverse team with strong mechanical, electrical and industrial design expertise will work together to make your idea a reality.

Space Tourism

A recent trend for suborbital space tourism means there is a trend towards building smaller modular units. Higher priority is now given to comfort, and there is more opportunity for style. The design objectives of government agencies have traditionally focused on only performance and efficiency.

Manufacturing Innovations

Mass, power and volume will always be key constraints, but new materials and technologies allow for more organic shapes. Parts made from moulded carbon fiber composites can be more efficient than machined aluminium. Our designers keep up-to-date with the latest innovations in materials and manufacturing processes.

Human Factors

Our designers can help you understand the psychological effects of space travel, such as issues related to being confined in a small space for an extended period of time. An astronaut’s sense of spatial volumes distorts, so they lose their perspective on the size and relationships of the objects around them. Ergonomic aspects of all the products are very important.

Investment and Funding

Political relations with our allies and enemies have a profound impact on the space industry. We understand that getting results quickly and proving value is always important. Our project managers can help you navigate the complicated protocol and regulations. Often these projects involve public money, so being budget-conscious and cost-effective is always important.

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