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The oil and gas industry are straining to meet rising global energy demand, despite ever-changing market dynamics, resource competition and an evolving regulatory environment. At Oxford Product Design, we use our creativity, skills and knowledge to create innovative products which make your work easier.

Keep up with fast-paced market dynamics

We use the latest technologies to give your product a competitive edge. By understanding and researching innovative materials and manufacturing methods, we can improve the design and usability of your products to keep up with a rapidly changing market.


Awareness of cost is important, but it is always necessary to have excellent reliability. High performance products help the oil and gas industry to ensure reliability in safety critical applications, so you can guarantee long lifetime of all their equipment.

Safety and environmental issues

Health, safety and regulatory compliance are of the highest importance in the oil and gas industry. We use cutting edge simulation, prototyping and testing techniques, so we can ensure your product eventually fails in a reliable and predictable way. We’ll make sure your product meets all the relevant safety standards.

Complete Solution for the Oil and Gas Industry

We can fully design and engineer your product from the concept stage through to production, so it exceeds your expectations. Full project management will make sure you stay on time and on budget.

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