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At Oxford Product Design, we have many years of experience in designing handheld electronics for use in a wide range of industries and environments.


Blending functionality seamlessly with style makes your high specification product desirable to your target customers in any industry. Even industrial and commercial products are no longer just about function, but users want products to be sleek and elegant. At Oxford Product Design, our creativity, skills and knowledge allow us to bring together key elements of appearance and function.


Your customers now expect more functionality from all their devices, as well as smaller sizes and longer lifetimes. We can integrate the latest lighting, sensors and connectivity into your product, even if it’s a product which would not traditional be electronic at all.


Recent innovations in electronics has led to decreasing size in all components, so products are becoming smaller and more portable. We have extensive experience integrating complex electronics into stylish, ergonomic shapes to make modern, connected products.


At Oxford Product Design, we design robust products, for dependability throughout the life cycle. Often our products work in demanding environments with high temperature or corrosive liquids, so we ensure the electronics are protected throughout the product lifetime.

Integrated Approach to Handheld Electronics

Our team of mechanical and electronic engineers work together closely, and so seamlessly work your electronics requirements into well-designed hardware. The broad experience of our team means we have the expertise for your project, and can give you a complete turn-key solution for your handheld electronics product design.

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