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At Oxford Product Design, we have many years of experience designing consumer products across a wide range of markets.


Throughout the design process, we keep in mind how consumers will perceive your product. Aesthetics and ergonomics are hugely important in consumer product design, and so improve the likelihood of your product’s success. Our skilled Industrial Design team will blend form with function, so achieve the most sympathetic design. Combining engineering know-how with design flair, our designers will capture your vision and branding into a functional product.

Focus on End User Value

We have designed and developed a wide range of ground-breaking, user-centred solutions for use in everyday environments. We craft creative, innovative products that resonate with users, offering an experience they value and enjoy.


Your strategy for manufacture is critical to the appearance and affordability of your product, so you should make these decisions at the beginning of the design process. It will ultimately determine consumer response to your brand. We offer a full design service from concept to final prototype, and even provide manufacturing support, to evolve your ideas into manufacturable products.

Keep your Consumer Design Project on Track

Time-to-market underpins consumer product design because keeping up with trends and fashions is crucial. Don’t let the world move on before your product is ready, but reduce development time by collaborating with us. Projects at Oxford Product Design are broken into a series of deliverables, and each part has assigned budget and timescale. This process makes sure that all decisions are made quickly, so keeps your project on track and gets your product to market as quickly as possible.

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