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Stylish and Functional Industrial Products

Industrial and commercial products are no longer just about functional design. Blending functionality seamlessly with style will make your high-specification product desirable to your target customers. At Oxford Product Design, we use our creativity, skills and knowledge to bring together key elements of appearance and function.

User Focused Commercial Products

Industrial design combines art, business and engineering to create a product, accounting for the social, environmental, functional, financial, aesthetic, and ergonomic aspects. Our industrial designers imagine how your customers might use your product, then test a wide variety of different designs to see how each one looks and works. We consider the interactions between user and product in the appropriate context, then investigate the appearance, proportion and scale of your product in great detail.

Integrating Technologies

We use the latest technologies to give your product a competitive edge. By understanding and researching innovative materials and manufacturing methods, we can improve the design and usability of your products. We explore technical details such as mechanisms, manufacturing processes, finishes and dimensions. We will suggest elements of design, and so add to the value and utility of your industrial or commercial product for the end user.

Detailed Specifications

Our engineers evaluate and develop the methods and tools required to assemble products components. We create detailed specifications for the components in the manufactured product. Components are always integrated with consideration of the overall appearance, to combine functionality with the exact desired aesthetic. By thinking broadly during the design process, we can integrate ongoing design changes for a refined product evolution.

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