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You have the right ideas, but is your idea right for the market? Understanding what your customers are looking for underpins the entire design process. We use a range of research tools so that we can analyse your target market and make sure your design is optimised for their requirements.

  Industrial Design

We’re proud of the designs that we produce. Our expert team will come up with a range of concepts to develop the architecture, level and layout of your product. We believe that it’s crucial to blend creativity with realistic design, making sure that you get a stylish product that works well and is easy to manufacture.

  Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering sits at the heart of Oxford Product Design. We offer CAD surfacing, detail design, DFM, DFA, FEA, mould flow, tolerance analysis, rig building and prototyping. Our rigorous test and validation process means that most projects are taken to a manufacture ready stage so tools can be cut straight from our data.


Prototypes will help test concepts, get feedback from colleagues and fine tune your design – find out more here. We can also use photorealistic visualisations that communicate your design in still or animated environments using a range of variables, before you make the time and cost commitment to a physical prototype.

  Project Management

Delivering projects on time and on budget doesn’t happen by accident. However experienced you are at managing projects, product design can be a different type of challenge. Most projects use multidisciplinary teams from around the globe and we are experts at ensuring commitment from all parties while making sure projects are delivered when you’re expecting them.

  Manufacturing Support

If you are looking for complete manufacturing support then we can manage that through our global network of trusted suppliers. If you wish to manage this yourself then we can recommend the suppliers that are best suited to deliver your project to the market.