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Recommending Suitable Manufacturing Partners

We’ve offered manufacturing support to our customers all the way through product launch to mass production. The process of choosing a manufacturing partner can be difficult to navigate the first time, whatever your manufacturing method. As with any relationship, having a trustworthy, reliable and experienced partner is key. We’ve worked with production partners across the UK, Europe and Asia, so can offer our expertise to help you choose the right partner. We offer quick, accurate and cost-saving manufacturing support and production process planning to ensure the most effective implementation of our designs.

Strong Design eases Manufacturing

We support the transition of your product from prototype to volume production. Getting your design ‘over the line’ into production is a crucial step, but is only a small part of the process. Easier production is enabled by a design which considered the manufacturing method from the beginning. We take many projects all the way to the manufacture-ready stage, because of our rigorous testing and validation process. You’ll save time and money bringing your product to market because your manufacturing partners can cut tools directly from our 3D data.

On-going Manufacturing Support

Seamless production requires on-going testing within the factory. Oxford Product Design’s manufacturing support team can help you. Our manufacturing support services help you reach your goals in a cost effective way. We can work alongside your chosen factory, in the UK or abroad, to oversee the manufacture of your final product. We can work with you to improve efficiency and bring down the overall cost, even if you already have manufacturing in place. Our engineers can reduce the overhead costs associated with the production process, but retain efficient output. We can maintain quality, while reducing lead time.

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